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Green River Restoration Project

Two Orca 4th/5th grade classes visited the Okimoto Levee in Kent and planted over 500 native plants! We worked in conjunction with King County & Earthcorps to restore a river area with native plants grown at Orca over the last 3 years. Our resident native plant guru & Orca parent- John Koon- set up this amazing opportunity for students to do a community service project. This project continues the extensive work that 4th/5th grade are doing learning about native NW plants.

These trees and plants were grown at Orca over the last 3 years. They were planted along with many more from King County:
24 Western Red Cedar
4 Western Hemlock
10 Douglas and Grand Fir
10 Black Twinberry
20-30 Cottonwood
15 Ninebark
5 Snowberry
30 Cluster Rose
30 Bigleaf Maple

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