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Complete vegetable list for May 9th plant sale!



Rainbow Chard


Crookneck squash


Micro Greens






Pac Choi

Straightneck squash

Gourmet Salad




Buttercrunch lettuce




Sweet Basil



Thai Basil





Thai Hot




Cherry Sweetie



Early Girl

Saucy Paste

Fox Cherry





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Mr. McCullough’s kindergarten works in the garden

These lucky students popped out of their door and into a Jurassic Park like garden that needed their help. They were able to harvest many pounds of broccoli (of which they prodceeded to devour all of during snack time). They also harvested some purple kale (not as popular as a snack).

Broccoli anyone? Yes!

Broccoli anyone? Yes!

 They also helped water a garden that was quenched for thirst!

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The p-patch gets going again….

Mr. C brought his class on a walking field trip to the Hillman City P-patch to bring Orca’s garden plot there OUT OF HIBERNATION! This plot will grow much needed food for the food bank and fits in with Orca’s mission of positive community involvement.

Mr. C was also really excited about the students getting some quiet, reflective time in nature after two weeks of WASL testing. These students were able to find a place in the garden to write about observations and reflections of their surroundings.

Hillman City P-patch link: HERE

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Plant sale approaching May 9th!!

Oh yeahhh!!!!!

Oh yeahhh!!!!!

The legendary Orca plant sale is coming May 9th. Come get all the the veggie starts and garden goodies that you can. This fundraiser helps us advance the amazing sustainabilty and environmental education focus that we have here at Orca.

The Columbia City and Hillman City neighborhoods will have an unbelievable selection of organic veggies! We will have:

  1. Collard Greens
  2. Broccoli
  3. Chard
  4. Beets
  5. Lettuces
  6. Tomatoes (many different kinds)
  7. Spinach
  8. Thai chiles & jalapenos
  9. Kale
  10. Basil
  11. Herbs (oregano & thyme)
  12. and many many more!!!!!

There will be many different kids activities, a bake sale put together by Orca’s First Base program, live music, and so much more!!

The greenhouse is in full bloom in this amazing sun lately!! Take a look….

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3 new awesome greenhouse additions

First- our amazing VISTA volunteer Briahn visited the NW chapter of the Cactus and Succulent Society and was able to secure a donation of an amazing array of cactus plants. This huge assortment was will be a great addition to the diverse plant life of our garden.

A treasure trove of cactus

A treasure trove of cactus

Touch at own risk...

Touch at own risk...

Secondly- Anthony trotted over to the Indoor Sunshoppe in Fremont and filled a donated empty aquarium tank with an array of CARNIVEROUS PLANTS!!!! The students immediatly wanted to stick their finger in every Venus Fly Trap but NO! They don’t appreciate that, they want to eat insects! Along with the fly traps, there are some pitcher plants, sundews, and other funky carniverous plants. They are thriving in the heated greenhouse.

Waiting for a fly to come land on a Venus Fly Trap

Waiting for a fly to come land on a Venus Fly Trap

Art and science go together well

Art and science go together well

Thirdly- the Indoor Sun Shoppe was the place to get Bromeliads aka air plants. these amazing plants live on sun, water, and air- no soil! They will be hanging in the greenhouse windows for all to enjoy.

It's flowering!

It's flowering!

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