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Article written about Orca in South Seattle Beacon newspaper!

This article details our quest for the most sustainable school on the planet!!

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Scientific drawings!!!

Kent’s class came down to do some scientific drawings of plants in the garden. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and students were able to spread out and get into some amazing artistic renditions of plants.

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A long visit to the garden for Jenessa’s class!

Jenessa’s class got to hang out in the garden for over an hour, exploring, tasting, and basically getting in touch with an incredible space that is growing fast! This garden really is an incredible resource for kids to explore plants and find a relaxing space to enjoy. Spending this much time in the garden was a really enjoyable experience and we hope to have them back soon!

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Middle School in action for plant sale!

The middle school really came through during the Orca plant sale. They helped write tags for the plants, water the plants, organize them, etc. We thank them for all their hard work in this amazing group effort.

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Matt’s class visits the Orca P-Patch

Matt’s class was excited to visit the Orca garden plot at The Hillman City P-Patch and turn that soil over. This is an amazing community resource where Orca can continue to move towards growing more food for local food banks. Matt’s class really got the ball rolling with some old fashioned hard work!

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Phi Ho’s class plants potatoes….

With the inevitable promise of future french fries, baked potatoes, and maybe even potato chips, Phi Ho’s class got to digging up a garden bed and planting yellow fingerlings (Anthony’s favorite) & purple potatoes (everyone’s favorite). Update- they have grown tremendously over the last few weeks!

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Thank you for an incredible plant sale and community event!!

There are so many people to thank after such an amazing community event. There are the multitudes of volunteers, the hard working students who grew ALL of the plants, and of course- all the people that came out to support Orca and their plant sale this weekend. Literally thousands of plants were sold on Saturday as Orca held their long awaited plant sale once again. Hundreds of home and community gardens around South Seattle will be reaping the bounty of all the vegetable starts that were sold. Thank you again!!! Somewhere out there over 800 tomatoes have found a new home!

Another bright side of this plant sale is that we were left with hundreds of unsold starters. Why is this a bright side? It is because we are going to donate these vegetable starts and tomatoes to various community and school organizations in South Seattle. Hawthorne Elementary near Orca will receive a ton of plants, the brand new Rainer Valley Community Center Garden will receive many plants, The Neighborhood House near Orca will use some plants for garden education, and Orca’s Hillman City P-Patch plot will be supplied with plants that will be grown for the food bank. Along with being a fundraiser for Orca’s garden program – this sale/project was also about providing access to fresh organic food to those who can not afford it. We are proud to help these organizations who are doing such incredible community work to fight poverty and ensure food security for so many.

Special thank you to Sasson for the gypsy-samba live music, Cedar Grove Compost for the smelly compost donation, the Orca PTSA for their support, Slow Food Seattle for raffle donations, Orca teachers for their understanding and support, Briahn Martin- our incredible VISTA volunteer who organized so much of this event, and finally- thank YOU for supporting community gardening and urban sustainability!

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