Orca Lunchroom Composting Program goes live!

We got an amazing grant from Seattle Public Utilities to create an on-site wormbin composting program (fruits & veggies). We also have started a Cedar Grove pickup of all non-wormbin friendly foods (meat, cheese, dairy, etc.). These two programs will make us the only school in the state of Washington to compost all lunchroom scraps. We basically have only one bag of garbage a day, and this approach moves us towards a ZERO WASTE Orca lunchroom. We owe a lot to Marletta- our resident matriarch and kindergarten teacher extraordinaire. She started this program years ago. She still washes all yogurt containers every day and really helps the recycling program. She is amazing!

Our first day of data collection from the compost equalled 19.8 pounds of food for Cedar Grove (future garden compost) and 8 pounds of food for one of our 5 resident worm bins (future compst for our garden). Math, science, sustainability- this project can be used in so many ways.


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