Orca Garden Passport- Ticket to sustainability

We have developed Orca passports for each grade level. These “passports” are used to get the students exploring the garden on their own. Each page is its own question about one aspect of the garden. One example is- “List 10 things that worms like to eat”, and instead of just thinking and imagining it, they can head over to the worm bin, lift it up, and get their hands dirty looking. Another example-“Find the mint garden and taste 4 mints. Describe how they taste, smell, and feel.” Tasting the garden is fun. Students are doing drawing and art in their passports also.

Older students get to explore the notion of sustainability, our giving garden, and other more complex aspects of the garden.

The idea is to make the passports a ticket to hands-on, naturalist, experiential learning- when the students discover these aspects of the garden on their own, they earn the knowledge and will carry it in a different and more meaningful way.


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