The Path of your breakfast. How many miles to your plate?

Anthony teamed up with Jeff for an incredible activity in Jeff’s 6th grade math/science class. The goal was to track the approximate amount of miles that your breakfast took to get to your breakfast table. Think of all the ingredients in your bowl of Lucky Charms (or Wheetabix)- can we possibly come up with an estimation of the miles travelled? Yes and no. Though it is almost impossible to track this path, the 6th grade used their math skills to do the best any human can in determining an answer to this difficult question. Some student,s breakfasts travelled 10,000 miles- all for a bowl of cereal and cinnamon toast. From farm to factory to store to home, the relationships between the partners in delivering your food to you is super complex. This compexity makes for an amazing lesson in food security, sustainability, and just plain mathematics. Students were then asked if there were negative effects to the distance food travelled. Their answers were very insightful and inspired us very much.


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