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1100 cans/boxes for the food bank!

Our incredible middle school students organized and ran an amazing food drive. We delivered the food to the food bank via wagons last Friday. It was a beautiful, sunny morning as we strolled to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. It was a student powered community service project!

What a powerful project that inspires students to do something positive for the community. Orca really is a school that encourages students and staff to make a difference in the world. This past summer and fall, we donated about 500 pounds of fresh Orca produce to the food bank. So this was a good project to keep students giving food in the winter.

Congratulations to Marletta’s class for bringing in over 200 food donations!

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Orca French Fries!

We have harvested enough fingerling and purple potatoes from the garden to make french fries with 4 classes. This is a great chance to talk about local foods in a greasy and delicious way! In Jeff’s 6th grade math/science class, this was the culminating lesson that summed up our unit on local foods and conventional vs. local food production. In 4th/5th grade, we got a chance to taste Orca french fries and compare them to certain fast food companies’ fries that shall remain nameless (golden arches anyone?).

This also gave us a great opportunity to discuss media ad campaigns and how maybe these fast food companies are selling us something that isn’t exactly good for us. All 4 classes created logos and slogans for Orca French Fries. Organic! Fresh! No additives! Local! These were at the heart of many of their ads. The students creativity and media savvy knowledge helped them create the ultimate un-campaign!

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Food drive and Orca’s giving spirit.

The middle school’s Student Council & The Environmental Science/Garden Elective have teamed up for an amazing community service project. The Rainier Valley Food Bank was recently robbed of thousands of pounds of food. Middle school students stepped up with a holiday food drive to help this great food bank. Dante’s class took a field trip there a month ago to donate Orca garden produce, so we feel a special connection with them. Donation boxes were delivered to classrooms today. 1000 cans of food?! We can do it.

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Pre-K leafy madness!!

In the spirit of garden winterization- leaves were collected for the final mulching of the garden. Success!

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We got to mulching with our incredible kindergarten and first graders today. It was the most beautiful sunny December 1st ever! We collected leaves from around the school grounds and then spread them into our garden beds.

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