Orca French Fries!

We have harvested enough fingerling and purple potatoes from the garden to make french fries with 4 classes. This is a great chance to talk about local foods in a greasy and delicious way! In Jeff’s 6th grade math/science class, this was the culminating lesson that summed up our unit on local foods and conventional vs. local food production. In 4th/5th grade, we got a chance to taste Orca french fries and compare them to certain fast food companies’ fries that shall remain nameless (golden arches anyone?).

This also gave us a great opportunity to discuss media ad campaigns and how maybe these fast food companies are selling us something that isn’t exactly good for us. All 4 classes created logos and slogans for Orca French Fries. Organic! Fresh! No additives! Local! These were at the heart of many of their ads. The students creativity and media savvy knowledge helped them create the ultimate un-campaign!

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