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Coho Salmon comic book poster

Let us celebrate the incredible salmon project we have at Orca! Using art and science, Marletta & Supaydah’s classes created an amazing project that illustrates the lifecycle of salmon. They used their art and observation skills to create a testament to the salmon that are literally growing before our eyes. The salmon are already young frye/parr and in 1-2 months, they will become smolt and be released at Seward Park by our students.


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Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” with 6th grade math/science

Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules” provided much inspiration to our food unit in Jeff’s math/science class(thanks Theresa McCann for the book!). Each of the 8 table groups was given one of the rules and a chance to discuss as a group, what they thought it meant to them.

Examples include, “Don’t eat food ingredients that a 3rd grader can’t pronounce” & “Avoid foods that you see advertised on television” & “Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and avoid the middle.”

All of these simple rules are meant as guidelines for being conscious consumers of food. These middle schoolers are thoughtful, intelligent teenagers who are educating themselves about the food that they eat and the impact it and they have on the world. There were so many conversations that allowed these students to shine in small groups and then come together as a large group to share their findings.

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Pre-K transplanting and nurturing

Garden education at it’s finest! How many of us got to plant seeds, transplant baby plants, then plant them into the ground- all before the age of 6?!?! These little guys are practically plant experts already and it isn’t even spring yet. Seriously- the experiences these students are having will hopefully contribute to future green thumbs and the skills to grow food with those thumbs. Isn’t organic gardening a language we all wish we spoke at an early age? We see an appreciation of the natural world and plants with these students allready, and we hope that grows and grows and grows!

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Planting chards in our west garden bed

March 1st and it feels like spring out here! We planted chard plants that these students had grown from seed and then transplanted weeks ago. Now we will nurture them and eventually harvest them. These students will experience a full cycle of the plant and enjoy it’s deliciousness soon enough.

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Environmental Science Night Success!

Environmental Science Night was an amazing success. So many great organizations surrounding sustainability, food, animal welfare, and environmental awareness came out to support our school community. It was a packed house as students, families, and teachers had an absolute blast learning and playing together. We were happy to host an event that brings people together to explore how they can contribute to a better world.

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