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Orca Afterschool Garden Club

Things are getting rolling in the garden as we add an afterschool class for students to come and transplant, plant, and get into some garden fun. The class is Wednesdays from 2:40-4:40, free, and an available free bus ride home is part of this incredible deal.

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Orca Garden Postcards celebrating springtime

Students made small postcards for a loved one. These cards celebrate spring and the return of growth to the garden. We hope that it also describes growth in our own lives as we shed the coats of winter and embrace sunshine and change. What a gift to give someone- the inspiration of remembering that change is possible. that change is always right in front of us waiting to be seized.

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Real springtime goodness shows up in the garden

The change. The growth. The goody goodness. Spring is here in it’s chilly infancy. We are definitely learning patience here at Orca as we plant things alittle too early and watch them struggle against the elements. But we perservere and grow ourselves as we learn and learn again. Spring is here, it just comes in stages (some may even say baby steps here in the NW)

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