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Haikus and Garden Joys with Melanie’s class

Haikus in the graden? Yes yes yes. Where else could you get non-stop outdoor nature oriented inspiration in sunny Columbia City? So while I pulled kids into the sweaty greenhouse to transplant, other students got meditative with their words and poetic musings. The garden is an incredible resource for cross curricular activites- art, creative writing, poetry, math, gardening, sustainability, etc. It truly is an outdoor classroom.

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Maidi’s class enjoys a beautiful garden day

The garden is alive and magic is afoot- we planted a bunch of sprouted potatoes, onions, and lettuce seeds today. Also- every first grader today got to plant a sunflower seed wherever they wanted! They will be 10 feet high in no time (just like these kiddos). It has been a refreshing change to have the whole class outside for the entire garden time. They have really been able to be a part of the the garden sprouting and coming back from a cold winter.

Big thanks to Hannah- our UW Pipeline volunteer who will be helping out with Monday’s classes and MILLIONS of transplants.

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