Salmon will be released this Thursday for Earth Day!

Oh the trials and tribulations of the salmon tank. Fortunately it has worked out for the best BUT not without some frustrations and heartbreak. We had little help from the district or fish hatchery, as we were a little late in getting our tank from another school and getting the refigeration unit fixed. So it has been a learning process for us, but well worth the running around and complications.

It was sad that many fish died during Spring Break after a filter clogged. But I tell the students that more survived in the tank than probably would have survived in the wild. The tank is getting cloudy, the salmon are getting big, and it is finally time for them to realize their life’s ambition of getting really big and laying more eggs upstream.

FYI- we got the salmon from the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery-

To celebrate Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, we are going to release the salmon at Seward Park on Thursday! Students will have a little ceremony and celebration. We talked a lot about Native peoples in this area having such an important connection with salmon and we hope students have developed a more personal relationship with that history.

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