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Flowers, beneficial insects, & companion planting

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Along with the ladybug craziness (see below), we procured an abundance of beautiful flower starts- marigold, snap dragons, and dahlias. We talked about the importance of attracting beneficial insects and pollinators. Every student in the 1st and 2nd grade got to plant a flower. We had lots of help from volunteer Andrea, whose positive energy helped her float around the kids as they planted and got excited about flowers.

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Ladybug craziness!!!!

Ladybugs are such a beneficial insect for the garden- they consume aphids by the ton. Kids also love to search and gently play with them. At the nursery the other day, I spotted a bag of ladybugs for a measly $5. What a chance to talk about beneficial insects and the flowers that attract them. There was plenty of yelling and screaming from the tickling sensation of a bug crawling up your arm. They loved it.

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Strawberries and kids oh my!

Lets beef up that stawberry patch, fill in the holes, and make sure that we have an abundant harvest. Here at Orca, we are always looking for ways to increase food production. And if there is one thing kids like to eat, it’s strawberries. So we planted more in our patch and they will soon be producing an abundance of delicious berries.

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