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More garden joy and spring love

You know its a good day when a garden tour for kindergarteners includes:
1. Feeling lambs ear
2. Touching natures toilet paper
3. Tasting 3 mints
4. Having cherry blossom blizzards rain down on them
5. Eating garden sorrel
6. Looking at salmonberry leaf butterflies

These students are loving being outside tasting and touching new plants. The connections! The fun! The joy! The amazing connections being made with the natural world!

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Haikus and Garden Joys with Melanie’s class

Haikus in the graden? Yes yes yes. Where else could you get non-stop outdoor nature oriented inspiration in sunny Columbia City? So while I pulled kids into the sweaty greenhouse to transplant, other students got meditative with their words and poetic musings. The garden is an incredible resource for cross curricular activites- art, creative writing, poetry, math, gardening, sustainability, etc. It truly is an outdoor classroom.

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Maidi’s class enjoys a beautiful garden day

The garden is alive and magic is afoot- we planted a bunch of sprouted potatoes, onions, and lettuce seeds today. Also- every first grader today got to plant a sunflower seed wherever they wanted! They will be 10 feet high in no time (just like these kiddos). It has been a refreshing change to have the whole class outside for the entire garden time. They have really been able to be a part of the the garden sprouting and coming back from a cold winter.

Big thanks to Hannah- our UW Pipeline volunteer who will be helping out with Monday’s classes and MILLIONS of transplants.

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Sunflower seeds + milk carton= joy

Marletta’s class planted Orca sunflower seeds harvested last fall, and put them in milk carton planter boxes. Recycling at its finest! Then they walked back to class and drew 4 part comibc strips about the process a sunflower takes to become the magnificently tall plant it is.

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Plant sale preparations are crazily underway!

Thousands of starter plants have turned the greenhouse into a humid oasis of organic goodness. Plant sale is May 8th and the giving project will run all of May. We are poised to give and give till all the plants are planted around Puget Sound. Students are planting and transplanting like mad. Onward!

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Orca Afterschool Garden Club

Things are getting rolling in the garden as we add an afterschool class for students to come and transplant, plant, and get into some garden fun. The class is Wednesdays from 2:40-4:40, free, and an available free bus ride home is part of this incredible deal.

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Orca Garden Postcards celebrating springtime

Students made small postcards for a loved one. These cards celebrate spring and the return of growth to the garden. We hope that it also describes growth in our own lives as we shed the coats of winter and embrace sunshine and change. What a gift to give someone- the inspiration of remembering that change is possible. that change is always right in front of us waiting to be seized.

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