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We got those raised beds that much closer to being fully realized today. All in the pesky rain- we got soaked. Thanks so much to Matt’s class for helping us get closer to almost doubling our growing space- more gardens= more food.

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Eating more and more goodies

1st & 2nd grade got in on the eating today- collard green flowers (tasty!), Moroccan curly spearmint, chard, and radishes. Lets get the succession planting going, so we can eat and eat and eat.

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Finally, FOOD!

Spring is sprung and the eatin’ has begun. Kindergarten got to pick sweet cicely pods, giant chard leaves, Moroccan curly spearmint, & delicious red and white radishes. The warm weather has really spruced up the garden and we are excited to finally get to eating some garden bounty. They planted the seed, watched it grow, harvested the goodness, then cut and ate it up. Amazing!

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A visit to The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, Ca.

Everyone in garden education has probably always wanted to visit the “Edible Schoolyard” in Berkeley, California. It’s the holy grail of garden/food/school connections- created by restauranteur Alice Waters. I had the chance to visit and was inspired by this amazing resource for kids at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Their space is incredible! It’s a small farm and produces a lot of food. We walked up and they were drinking ice cold lemonade from lemons on their trees- perfect huh? They make all the necessary connections with youth about food and social justice. And they learn to cook in their kitchen classroom- straight from the garden!

They had many kinds of citrus trees, olives, and a vast array of vegetables and herbs. They even let me take a tray of various tomatoes & peppers that they set aside for school garden donations. All the way back to Washington via car- what a gift that will keep on giving and giving. Come visit the tomato garden we will be setting up this week…

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