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The beginning of summer?

Finally we start getting some heat and then BAM! it rains like crazy, a blustery midwest type storm rolls in and drizzles on our parade. But right before it did, I observed 4 different types of bees sucking on nectar on our overgrown collard greens. It was a great chance for a discussion on pollination. It was also a reminder of the coming of summer, as we constructed a beanpole teepee from bamboo that came from a friend’s yard- kids will be able to play in it- how fun!

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Kent’s INCREDIBLE sustainability fieldtrip!

Walking the Oregon Trail

Kent’s 5th grade class spent a week travelling around Washington exploring the many worlds of sustainability. From landfills to dams to organic permaculture farms- they had a once in a lifetime experience. Read all about it at the links below.

Here’s the link to the wiki:

Here’s the link to the blog that they kept going while on the trip:

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