NEW improved lunch Composting station

New and improved

How can we improve on the one of the best and brightest aspects of Orca’s quest for sustainability? We composted 5,000 pounds of lunchroom scraps to Cedar Grove & to our own worm bins last year. Well personally I wanted to take a little weight off the back of our trusted and truest Orca Matriarch- Ms. Marletta. For many many years before I was here, she was washing all the yogurt cups, juice cups, ANYTHING dirty that could be recycled. She is THE inspiration for what we do here. So we will be helping her shoulder that process through my help and students who sign up to be lunchroom compost helpers. The first day of school lunch period went well. With over 500 students, we are still able to compost and recycle very well, while producing more compost and recycling than garbage. Everything has been better labeled and we worked on helping the kindergarteners get the hang of it. We are still also weighing the compost everyday to have data that can be used in science and math classes. Onward!


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