Hot Cheetos and fresh soup?!?!?

As a comparison and contrast, how about cooking up some delicious fresh soup while looking at the ingredients on the not so fresh hot cheetos? Jeff’s math and science class was challenged to highlight the ingredients they knew on a printout of the hot cheeto ingredients. They then had to calculate a percentage and fraction of the ingredients they knew. The average was about 30%. We also got to talk about a few of them- Red #40 (Crushed beetles), Carageenan (seaweed), and MSG (a flavor enhancer that tricks your brain!). After dealing with such a processed and not so healthy snack, we dove into eating our fresh soup from ingredients that were gleaned from the Orca Garden & Full Circle Farms (We still love your donated weekly produce box!). Adding food to a deep lesson about reading food labels, advertising, and health- is a great way to take the lesson HOME. The soup was delicious and the lesson was absorbed a little more heartily.


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