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No one is disabled in the garden…

We are very proud of our connection to Team A- a couple of classrooms at our school that work with disabled students. Orca works hard to integrate these students as much as possible. Many students go there to volunteer and hang out with these guys- and they really appreciate it. We had them come out and have some tactile experiences with various plants- lamb’s ear, mint, sage, flowers, & thimble berry. Mainly we had them touch soft leaves and be touched by them. They get to have a nice connection with plants and enjoy some fresh air- a great garden experience!

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More Orca plant Donations!!!!

Plant love is blasting out of the greenhouse. First we donated hundreds of plants to our friends at Danny Woo Gardens – Their 1.5 acre garden is amazing! They help 70 Asian families that live in their low-income housing have beautiful garden space. They are an amazing resource for urban gardening in the concrete laden International District.

We also gave plants to our good friends at Graham Hill Elementary. We helped them get some grants to start a garden program (which had a setback recently because of vandalism ?!?!). We are really happy to help them get back on their feet w/ some Orca plants.

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