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Managing a greenhouse & madness

It’s madness, it’s out of control, it’s green chaos, and it is definitely ORCA! Meditating on this amazing opportunity to engage youth in growing and donating plants, I felt a need to show these pontifications in words. This is beautiful- Orca students really learn a lot about what it means to both grow your own food & grow plants for others. Is this not as important as Math, Social Studies, and all the myriad other subjects that the “system” believes is important for students to learn? This is important and there is a definite sense of purpose & joy in what we do here. Hands dirty, soul happy- I see it everyday. And this greenhouse?! It’s organized chaos! But the greenery is contagiously uplifting and the fun type of chaos that we rarely get enough of. We ARE getting ready for the plant sale May 14th, BUT we are also getting ready to give away thousands of plants and even plant our own garden. Let the magic continue!

Wow- it's crazy

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Kindergarten transplanting LOVE!

So much fun today to get outside in the sunshine, get our hands in soil, and give our giant tomato babies a new home! We transplanted Early Girl & Red Cherry tomatoes- which of course will be available at our incredible plant sale May 14th! Look at these smiles and see all the love that has gone into these plants….

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