Food bank, p-patch, and meditations

Another fabulous food bank donation was made today. Over 20 pounds of zuchinis, squashes, basil, tomatoes, greens, and more.

As I gathered the food with a couple visiting “Orcans”, I got to thinking about how the experience of growing and giving impacts students. If we as a school system really instilled a sense of community service, social justice, and action in what we do- we could see that elusive “transformative change” in the world. If the school system moved away from “concepts” and into the realm of actual action, students could feel that their learning has a real impact on the world. They wouldn’t be talking about it, they would be be-ing about it!

We really value our relationship with the food bank, and the smiles on the seniors there today, as they walked away with big bags of greens- was amazing.

Zuchini bread anyone?


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