300th blog post! Orca French fries!

So exciting to write up this 300th blog post in 3 and a half years- it’s still such an honor to be here at Orca- learning and teaching. Orca is a special place and I’m still excited to be part of the rich history that started long before I got here. This blog has yielded emails and messages from around the world and we are approaching 40,000 views! Thanks to all the folks that read this and share in the powerful learning we are doing here. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings to be here.

Fresh picked!

Now- ORCA FRIES! Always a hit, always delicious, always fun, and always local & organic. When I say local, I mean from 40 feet away- purple, red, and yellow potatoes grown by us. This one hits home- almost everyone likes french fries, so this activity helps us explore a comparison and contrast of say a McDonald’s fry and our fry. We even have students making “subversive” advertising/art to “sell” people on our delicious and free product. I even made ketchup for the first time from fresh tomatoes- the recipe is here.


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    panaceafood said,

    Congratulations! The greenhouse is looking really delicious these days. I wonder if the kids went for the ketchup? I hope so – good for you for trying it.

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