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Salmon, art, and the largest comic ever

salmon life cycle comic!

We have really got into exploring our amazing coho salmon that are hatching here at Orca. We get to study them up close and celebrate them through artistic adventures such as our giant comic book life cycle in the hallway. Plus we get to drink delicious Orca mint tea while in the chilly greenhouse. The Coho salmon are in the alevin stage and growing healthy. Check them out near the office!

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Smell & Taste- the Science & the Magic

Today we broke out the blind folds and got down to understanding the different tastes- sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and umame. It was a fun journey through the world of taste. We compared grape & apple juice with our nose’s plugged, and lo and behold- it was hard to tell the difference. Smell influences 80% of our taste experience. This activity kicks off our food and nutrition unit this winter where we will be exploring the science of what we eat and how it affects our bodies and minds. Plus we will be examining the media’s influence on what we eat and how companies use science to manipulate our taste buds & get us to buy things that aren’t so healthy for us. Let’s get deep into it!

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Donate old books to our buddies at RSK School in India

Donate now!

We are collecting books of all shapes, sizes, kinds, and reading levels for our friends in Hyderabad India. This is the school I built rooftop gardens at. When I inquired about their school library, I was shown a small, locked metal cabinet with some very dry & academic books. I thought it would be a great idea to really hook them up some great picture & chapter books. I think reading books sometimes is a luxury that we Americans take for granted. I have no doubt that these books would be greatly appreciated and used. Reading for fun is a great way of learning how to read, developing imagination, and even simply opening young people’s minds. Drop the books by the main office by February 7th. Maybe you have tons of children’s books gathering dust on a shelf, give them a new life in India! Garfield High School is sending some students there to develop some computer labs at various schools and they are willing to carry the books for us. Do it!

Got old Books?

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Orca Salmon arrive & they are hatching gloriously!

Orca has invited salmon eggs back for the 3rd year in a row. We get them from the Issaquah salmon hatchery and explore some great curriculum about salmon life cycles, habitats, and Native American history. This project is always a big highlight of the school year. In a few months we will carry the baby salmon down to Seward Park and release them into Lake Washington. But for now they are just breaking out of their egg sacks and becoming little “alevin”. Drop by the front of the main office and check them out!

We use this great curriculum for some of our activities-…/Curricula/Salmon-Curriculum.PDF

They are hatching!

250 Coho salmon eggs!

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India Garden Update

garden is growing

The garden that Orca helped build in Hyderabad, India is growing magnificently. Soon we will be sending over curriculum that will help them teach these students about organic gardening. We are also going to organize a book drive here at Orca, so they can start a library at the school. More to come on this amazing intercontinental connection.

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