Math, food, & advertising

The final percentages

Your homework this week for 6th grade science… an hour of TV?!?! Yes- and please count the food commercials and what they are for.

Students tallied up these food commercials in an effort to better understand how TV influences our eating habits. Then we came up with percentages for what food commercials were for what kinds of foods.

The average child sees 40,000 commercials a year during 1,460 hours of TV viewing. Studies prove that kids who watch more TV have worse health and lower nutritional knowledge in general. How does this happen? Well, we thought that analyzing what TV commercials are trying to sell us could help us improve our media literacy. Can it improve our health? Maybe. Students had some incredible reflections on the data and they really are looking at food and food advertising with a critical eye. they got to share their finding with the school through their own subversive “advertising” campaign.


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