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Books to India arrive!

Line of happy kids

Line of happy kids

Animals of australia!

We are so elated to get pictures from our friends at RSK High School in Hyderabad India. They got all of our 1000+ books and have started 4 school libraries. We had students from Garfield High School in Seattle deliver the books while going there to build computer labs. All the books made it, and they have so many that they are sharing them with other schools. These schools had zero children’s books and these donations will really have an impact on kid’s reading and getting excited about books. Orca really came together and made an incredible impact. Thanks again to IDEX fellow Jessica Frank for facilitating things on the India side, along with all the Garfield students who carried the books. Thank you to everyone who donated also!

Checking India out

Check out the poster in the hallway that has thank you letters from India, along with more pics of them receiving them.

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