Leek & Chard soup- local, fresh, and delicious.

To the last drop

The soggy spring returns and we are forced into the warm confines of the Orca greenhouse. But we are Seattlites! So we spent a little time planting some greens outside and harvesting mint for tea on future chilly days. But we had to get to cookin’ up some of these delicious leeks that we have been growing the last year. They are super fat and delicious. I chopped them up w/ some bouillon cubes, added some chard and voila! Delicious soup.

Bad, bad, bad conventional food system

I did a little mini-lesson w/ the 6th grade students to reinforce conventional vs. community agriculture. I don’t get as deep with the 1st graders- but the concepts are reinforced through talking and conversation. When you couple those concepts with some hot soup on a cold day- my thoughts are that they run a little deeper. With each “step” in our ruinous agricultural system- we add more pollution and wasted energy. We want students to learn that they have a choice and can make an impact- but it starts with their own lives and choices. Fresh, local, and organic- the Orca way.


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