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Over 5,000 cans & packages donated to food bank this year

We made it!

We really connected with the Rainier Valley Food Bank this year. Orca Teacher Mr. C took the lead with his class to organize “A Kid, A Can, A Month” food drive. This garnered over 5,000 items of food. This is also coupled with hundreds of pounds of organic produce from our garden that we donated too. We love RVFB. This connection to the food bank has been an amazing lesson in poverty, social justice, & food security. Thanks Mr. C and his class for all the hard work of organizing, collecting, and tallying all the food. June 21st is the final day to donate & try and get us to 6,000 before the year ends!

June 21st celebration!

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Tomato hoop house & cages

tomato planting and cage work

Finally getting our tomatoes in the ground here. We constructed a hoop house to keep those tomatoes nice & toasty. We cover our tomatoes through July- they go crazy over the heat.  Inside these hoop houses, the temperature of the soil and air is a lot warmer and they love that. Tomatoes come from Latin & South America (which is a tad warmer than Seattle). Check the crop origin history here:

Tomato cages really help support the weight of the plant as it grows and grows. The cage really helps hold those giant juicy tomatoes that have the power to capsize a whole plant.

hoop house complete


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