Orca french fires- local, organic, & delicious.

From in the soil to french fry in 10 minutes

It’s that time of year again- harvesting and enjoying the fruits of the last year’s labor. It is an annual tradition (5th year straight!) to harvest potatoes and turn them into french fries.

casualty of digging

While we do not advocate frying everything from the garden, we do recognize a child’s love for french fries. Plus our french fries are fresh, local, organic, and only made with 3 ingredients (potato,oil, salt). Compare that with McDonlads fries and their many chemicals, preservatives, and additives (beef fat anyone?). Check this video….

Students got to explore making their own Orca fry advertisement. But it’s free?!?! So what- this gives us a great chance to explore advertising and how products are being marketed to kids irrespective of the health effects.

Future ad executive

Studies prove that the more TV and food commercials kids see- the less healthy they are. I think a big focus at Orca is to help kids develop critical thinking skills to make their own educated and informed decisions. Also to maybe share what they learn with their families, so we can reverse the health epidemic that the grand ol’ USA is in. One fry at a time!


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