Thai food & Asian slideshow


After 2 months of  being in Asia, it’s time to get back to work! We got down on some Mieng Kham Thai appetizers today after we looked at some photos from my journeys through Myanmar, Thailand, & Cambodia. I tried to show a lot of foods, eating habits, gardens, and markets- just to get that international perspective on what we eat & how culturally influenced that is.


I was trying to convey the sights, sounds, and smells of Asian food- the experience one feels in a foreign culture while in the not so foreign pursuit of what to eat!

the goods

Mieng Kham is one of my favorite Thai foods- I was just eating this off the street in Bangkok. It’s a lot of ingredients wrapped in a small leaf and eaten raw. It’s a flavor explosion! I laid out ginger, red onion, peanuts, cut limes, sweet & sour sauce, and shredded coconut (usually thai chiles & shrimps are added too). Students grabbed a chard, kale, or collard green leaf from the garden (leaves imported from Asia would be so un-Orca) to wrap all these goodies up. The students loved it and it really brought the slideshow of such foreign lands to a flavor they could understand. Here’s a recipe!

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