Orca salmon released!

Freedom soooon!

Freedom soooon!

It’s always a special day when we release the salmon we have grown from eggs. Most of the school marches down to Seward Park (1.1 miles away), where our release location is. They get to hang out with the lil’ guys for a minute and say “see ya later” (not goodbye because they will return in 2-3 years!). This day is always close to Earth Day & Spring Break too- so it’s a tad celebratory. The rain & cold couldn’t dampen our spirits.



It’s great to see students engaged in REAL change & ecology work- not just purely conceptual. Pour the salmon in- watch them swim away and BAM- connection made.
Two lil' guys were left in the tank...but not forgotten!

Two lil’ guys were left in the tank…but not forgotten!

Hey- i had to talk the talk and scooter back down to Seward Park because two were accidentally left in the tank!!!



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