2013 plant sale! The best ever!

Let the madness begin! 10am

Let the madness begin! 10am

Thanks for everyone’s support of our annual Orca garden sale! It was a beautiful day full of organic veggie starts, fun, crafts, baked goods, and so much more. This event is about putting good food on people’s tables and we are honored to help people and their family eat fresh, local, and organic. This event is a perfect example of social enterprise- instead of wondering when donations are gonna roll in (they won’t!), we get to planting and giving people a product they can use (while we in turn get their hard earned cashola!). What is left over is donated to many schools, community gardens, foodbanks, and ANYONE who will grow food for those in need. Call/email us and get hooked up!

Much thanks to all the amazing volunteers who made this happen- we love you! It takes a village right?

Plus we can add that we broke our previous record for sales- them plants was looking good! And so were all you amazing people as you walked away with them.

It's a family affair

It’s a family affair


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    Anonymous said,

    You are always amazed me with your passion and your travel around the world. Keep up the wonderful work with our children, Anthony.

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