See ya 6th graders!

6th grade!

6th grade!

6th grade part deux

6th grade part deux

Ahh middle school- that delightfully awkward and engaging time of life filled with hormones, a search for identity, and general goofiness. It has been a fantastic year. We talked about all the things we did this year- designing a week of school lunches, studying GMO’s, salmon lifecycles, nutrition labels & facts, the ingredients of pop-tarts (that was a hit), cooking and eating so much garden food, harvesting food bank donations, and so much more. Thanks Jeff for being such a cool & progressive educator who really believes in this food revolution that we are part of.

Thanks Jeff!

Thanks Jeff!

6th grade is a right of passage because it is the last year that I work with Orca students. 7th & 8th grade is so packed full o’ science & academics that there is no room for me (insert lovely violin music). I will miss you guys!! Many of you have hung out with me for 5 years- it’s been wonderful to grow with all of you.



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    Michelle Perkins said,

    So sweet! Thanks for reenforcing food education. Not to mention, love of old school rap music…

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