Welcome back! Let’s get to munchin’

Okay- it’s been a long hard fought road but we have reached an amazing milestone. I (aka Anthony) have become the first official Seattle Public Schools Garden & Science teacher. Thanks to everyone for all their support of this program which has been a around a lot longer than I have. Now it’s time to get our feet in the garden, harvest like crazy, and get our garden ON before the rains set in.

Carrots for all!

Carrots for all!

Today, kindergarteners came out for their first garden class. There is a tradition here that they get to munch carrots on their first day outside. What’s crazy this year is that so many students are either coming from the Orca Pre-K or are siblings of many students here. It seems like I know them already, which is pretty cool. We got right to eating carrots, kales, and sour sour sorrel.



It’s never too early to get kids started on local, fresh, & organic foods. And it’s delicious too!

The garden from above

The garden from above

Things are looking good around here- thanks to all the parents who stepped up to help!

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  1. 1

    Bevin Keely said,

    Those carrots are so HUGE!!!

  2. 2

    Anonymous said,

    Oh, so very very very nice to have you back, Anthony! How lucky we are to have you at Orca!!

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