Wormtastic adventures

Check it out!

Check it out!

Exploring the slimy world of worms is a fascinating, fun, and dynamic sensory experience. At Orca, we get the kids started early in exploring a vital part of the concept of sustainability- food waste. Orca alone diverts thousands of pounds of food to be composted vs. being left in the garbage dump. We compost about 1,000 pounds a year in our wormbins. We send all the lunchroom cooked food and non-wormbin waste to Cedar Grove Composting.

Worm poop is the best

Worm poop is the best

We talked a lot about the difference between red wigglers (composting worms) & earthworms (standard outdoor garden residents). We also discussed how amazing that worm poop/compost is for our garden. Then we shredded newspaper bedding for the worms while we drew imaginary 2 dimensional worm bins on brown paper. Now lets share that info with our families at home!


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