Beets & root veggie treats. Salad. Yum.

The joker?!?

The joker?!?

Let’s get to the root of it all! I’m talkin’ carrots, turnips, golden beets, red beets, radishes, and parsnips! Kids eating beets- is it possible? Yes. These aren’t the beets out of a can that I grew up eating (hating) at Thanksgiving. They are fresh and definitely fun with all their redness and hand dye-ing power.


We used peelers and a grater to get it all mixed up and delicious like. We used a quick and simple mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to augment the earthy taste of these root veggies. They are sugary too!

community beets

community beets

They loved it- only a couple thumbs down. I always ask kids whether they honestly liked it or not. They enjoyed this one.

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