Conventional vs. Local Food Systems

Many activities and concepts are not easily explored through Seattle Public Schools science kits or Common Core standards. This is one such activity.

Talkin' the talk along w/ walkin' the walk.

Talkin’ the talk along w/ walkin’ the walk.

It’s always fascinating to explore the path of our food. There are a lot of hard truths there and students always are a bit surprised to visually see it plain and clear. This activity put the many steps of food production into a stack of cards that they have to arrange in the correct order. These cards and activity are from one of the greatest garden curriculum books of all time- French Fries & The Food System.


It was great to have a discussion about how Orca is an example of a local food system while we are drinking the mint tea we grew. Students also recognize that the food we eat here, the produce that is donated to the food bank, and the plants we donate to area schools are all part of this local food system.

Conventional Food System

Conventional Food System

Conventional food systems are part of a world wide problem that combines pollution, GMO’s, government food subsidies, and a complete disconnect from where our food comes from.


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