What is organic?

When we were studying local vs. conventional food, it was a common misconception that local means organic. Anyone could spray chemicals/pesticides/fertilizers on their own local food garden. So we thought it would be important to be clear about exactly what organic is and what it does to soil. We used the fabulous Worms Eat Our Garbage classroom activities book to help us out. It has fun activities and the sheet we used really generated some good discussions and deeper understanding. Since the 5th graders are studying micro-worlds for their science unit, this was a nice garden connection.

What is organic?

What is organic?

It’s important to add another layer of depth to this discussion by getting into the soil, turning it over, and using some elbow grease to see, experience, and feel that organic Orca soil. Read this amazing article about the mind altering effects of soil on and in the human body.

Checkin' out the healthiness

Checkin’ out the healthiness


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