Sunshine, paint, kindergarten, & Sylvia’s spinach



A parent donated many milk cartons recently because they dropped out of the milk carton derby race on Greenlake. These are a great reusable & recyclable resource to use for plant transplanting cups. We are gonna put some tomatoes in them next week.



So we set some tables outside w/ much tempera paint and got to painting in this glorious sunshine. Art & gardening outside- yes!

But first we read the great book- Sylvia’s Spinach.


This story tells of a student who dislikes spinach but after her class plants a garden, she grows some, and loves it! This could be any kindergartener’s story here. So after we read the story, we broke open some packs of spinach seeds and got to planting. After Sylvia grew spinach from seed, she appreciated it more. Could we be so lucky here at Orca? Maybe!

spinach seeds

spinach seeds

We also got the opportunity to paint some rocks in the garden too- these colorful additions provide a visible reminder not to step on the garden beds.

Precision painting

Precision painting

It was truly an amazing & interactive day in the garden on an incredible Spring day. We were even able to plant some kale starts that we grew from seed too.


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