Salmon obstacle course!

Weave through the stream!

Weave through the stream!

On this gorgeous day we had students run though a salmon obstacle course that we created w/ some of P.E.’s materials. Students got the chance to be our soon to be released Orca salmon who face some serious hardships out there in the natural world- bears, eagles, Orcas, and PEOPLE!

Watch out for predators!

Watch out for predators!

This activity really gets students engaged & active and helps hit the message home about the life cycle of salmon. Students w/ scarves were bears & eagles, and students with foam poles were fishermen/women. They had to weave through the cones as if they were logs and other obstacles in streams. If they fell down or knocked a cone over- they were sent to the BBQ bench to await grilling (just kidding- they had to wait a rotation).


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