7th Annual Salmon Release

Admiring the lil' specimins

Admiring the lil’ specimins

It was 7 years ago that we brought the salmon program back to life. We have raised Coho salmon as a contribution to the health of our local ecosystem since- and it is awesome! It was the day after Earth Day and we had a great time.

Nmae this lil' guy!

Name this lil’ guy!

After almost 3 months of salmon captivity in the main hallway, we made the trek down to Seward Park to release them into the lake. This is always a highlight of the year and even the afternoon rains couldn’t dampen the spirits of our students.

The moment of freedom.

The moment of freedom.

Thank you to the Issaquah salmon hatchery for all their support and materials. We engaged students w/ some great projects this year around salmon. This project is students actually out in the community helping the environment and is truly an amazing community effort.



Kindergarten had some awesome written reflections and pictures. Eco-warriors!

Kindergarten reflection #2

Kindergarten reflection #2


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