Fresh Orca salads- as local as you can get


We had a fabulous week of salad making. Every K-5 class was able to harvest, wash, and prepare a salad using the freshest ingredients possible. Everything (except the various dressings) traveled a total of 25 feet to get to the salad bowl.


It’s kinda corny- but I constantly ask students to pay me a dollar for the food. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” because it’s free. I ask them how much gasoline was used to bring this salad. “NOOOOOOOOOONE!” Then I ask them how much pesticides or chemicals were sprayed on our food. “NOOOOONE!” What’s the word for that? Organic. Cool- you got it kiddos.


It was really nice to sit banquet style and pass the dressing and even our day old bread that Columbia City Bakery donated to our school on Tuesday. Success!


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