Native American folktales & Douglas Fir pinecones

We revived an oldie but a goodie activity here at Orca by infusing a popular Native American folktale w/ art & an amazing sunny day. Douglas Fir trees are renowned for their ability to survive forest fires and this folktale tells the story of a mouse who escapes the fire by climbing in a pine cone (you can see their tales & feet sticking out!). Read it here!.


A funny side note is that I wanted to look for a link to this story and what popped up first in the google search?!?!? Well it was an old blog post from us from over 5 years ago! Look at it here!


Students were able to find a sunny or shady spot in the garden and create their story on paper. We talked a bit about the oral tradition of storytelling and folktales- this artistic rendition will help them retell the story. They took the pinecone too so there should be some fabulous stories being told tonight.


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