Summer 2015 updates

All is green and alive around here. We are already preparing for September with intense watering, pruning, and a complete reworking of our native plant garden. It’s been great to be here in June and really try to visualize and meditate on how to use the space better and better. Lots of changes coming in signage and the planting of more and more diverse plants.

Healthy and vibrant.

Healthy and vibrant.

First food bank donation of the summer was 20 heads of incredible lettuce!

Foodbank donation.

Foodbank donation.

The tomato garden is looking incredible and might break Orca records for size!

Tomato madness!

Tomato madness!

You need music right? How about the summertime classic ” Everybody Loves The Sunshine”

It’s hard to ignore all the buzzing out here- the bees are swarming beautifully around the lavender, mint, and of course the awesome artichoke flowers..

Bee burrowing in artichoke flower

Bee burrowing in artichoke flower


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