Welcome Back!



Welcome back!!!!!

Orca grapes & apples

Orca grapes & apples

Welcome back after this looooong summer break and teacher strike. The garden is looking fabulous and tasting even better. My name is Anthony and I have been the garden coordinator here for 7 years. I want to give a special welcome to new Orca parents and students. I’m lucky to get to hang out with them once a week all year long. I look forward to getting students excited about food, gardening, social justice, and environmental awareness. We have had our first classes down here and gotten off to a great start.

Learning from our new signage

Learning from our new signage

Our new signs are looking great and give students a chance to explore on their own. They all get a folder that is filled with their own garden food explorations- it’s a blank sheet that allows them to identify a plant, learn some facts about it, and do a scientific drawing. Check out the nifty symbols on each sign that tell you if it’s for eating (fork,knife,plate) or smelling/touching (nose, air).


Another great addition to the garden program is my more direct involvement with the middle school. I will be working directly with Donte Felder using technology & video as a tool for social justice & environmental activism. We are making videos highlighting the social justice and progressive environmentalism of Orca.

A kid, a can, a month

A kid, a can, a month

I will also be working with Stacy in art w/ middle schoolers, using art as a tool for education and social justice. We started our “A Kid, A Can, A Month” posters to get students excited about this incredible giving project that has seen Orca donate over 10,000 packages of food to the amazing Rainier Valley Food Bank. We have more great projects lined up w/ both of these groups- more info coming soon…

See y’all in the garden!


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