Growing seeds

We always talk around here at the garden about all the ways that we can be SUSTAINABLE. This means reducing energy consumption, growing our own organic food, recycling & composting, and using less of those pesky fossil fuels. One of the many ways that we have been exploring this concept has been through the collection of seeds in the garden. Students this week got a chance to get their own radish seed pod that I collected this summer. They carefully broke it open and found the tiny seeds. We then went straight to the garden and planted them.

There's a tiny radish seed somewhere in there.

There’s a tiny radish seed somewhere in there.

We also had a lot of dried beans from the tragic blowover of our amazing bean pole teepee after that crazy wind storm this summer. We harvested bean seeds for next season’s planting.
The musical fruit

The musical fruit

The more seeds we collect, the less we will buy. This experience helps them understand how we act sustainably and provide for ourselves, most of what we need.

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