Worm-mania sweeps Orca

Up close & personal

Up close & personal

One of the most fabulous aspects of Orca’s environmental and sustainability focus is our collection of red wiggler worms. They compost hundreds of pounds of lunchroom fruit & vegetable waste every year. We are still using worms that we started growing here generations ago (7 years and counting!).
Oh the joy...

Oh the joy…

Getting up close and personal with the worms every year is a good reminder of a very easy practice that lowers waste & also creates fabulous garden soil (worm poop aka vermicompost). Plus when you can say “poop” in class and it’s part of an actual lesson, that’s pretty cool.
Virtual 2D worm bin

Virtual 2D worm bin

The kindergarteners created their own 2 dimensional worm bins on paper, showing what goes in there on a daily basis. It’s a great piece of art that they can share with their families.
Worm share

Worm share

All of the K-5 classes get a chance this year to get reacquainted with the worms, so we can be reminded of the fabulous work the worms do.
We gathered the worms from our main storage area and started up a new bin
that will be full of worms that students collected. This bin on wheels can be rolled around school and even has a lift up front lid w/ a plexiglass front to see the worms in action.
Have worm bin, will travel

Have worm bin, will travel


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