Peru: Land of the origin of french fries

Art, history, creative writing, and potatoes.

Art, history, creative writing, and potatoes.

3rd-5th grade students explored french fries in a different way. They learned about crop origins and the fact that all potatoes share a genetic ancestor in Peru. Though there are over 1,000 varieties of potatoes now, they originally came from Peru. We got the chance to write imaginary postcards from Peru that hopefully students will mail to someone real!

Imaginary travel

Imaginary travel

I checked out a handful of books on Peru from the Orca library and we got to exploring this ancient majestic land of Incan ruins, diverse culture, and incredible mountains. These books were an added resource to our conversation about crop origins and Peruvian history. This project is really about fusing the garden with creative writing, cultural exploration, and art- a recipe for success.

machu Pichu postcard

Machu Pichu postcard

Of course the first thing we did was dig up purple, red, white, yellow, and fingerling potatoes. Farm to tummy in the matter of 15 minutes. Bam!


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    Denise Johnson said,

    Thank you for posting these blogs and for doing all that you do! Awesome!

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