Soup Investigations and Stone Soup folktales


Grades K-2 got to enjoy fresh Orca soup while hearing the story of Stone Soup. This epic folktale tells the story of two homeless people wandering into a village and helping gather everyone together as a community and make a soup that they eat together.


Eventually kids grow out of our fun ritual of making stone soup and telling/retelling the folktale itself. So then we are off to investigations of soup labels of conventional soup and comparing it with Orca’s local & organic version.


They had to highlight the ingredients they actually know and then create a fraction after adding up all the ingredients. This is confusing! Ingredients inside ingredients inside ingredients. But through this confusion we see the difference between our soup that traveled 50 feet with minimal ingredients VS. a Campbell’s soup from Camden NJ and full of who knows what.


They then had to write two specific points for why they think Orca soup may be better for them and the environment. There were some amazing reflections.


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    Anonymous said,

    NOVA* wrote down her recipe for stone soup and we plan to cook it up soon. Social Justice in this message too. Awesome!

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