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Winter Solstice Celebrations


We have been celebrating the winter solstice around here with some artistic and delicious approaches. It’s a time to celebrate that which we are thankful for in the darkest time of the year.


We made solstice haikus, art cards (w/ fancy envelopes to mail to family & friends), and snowflakes. We had kale chips that I baked at home, fennel (from the garden) salt popcorn, fresh beets, and bread from Columbia City Bakery to feast on.


Have you ever really studied up on the Winter solstice? It’s a celebration that has occurred for thousands of years and even predates most major worldwide religions.


I learned a lot from the Wikipedia page that talks about it’s history. The science behind what happens to make this day the shortest of the year was something I enjoyed sharing and exploring with the kids also.


Many may be surprised that EVERY LAST BEET that I chopped up from the garden was devoured with a zombie like passion (their faces beet-bloody).


Many classes got to check out our cool carniverous plant garden w/ little mini tours by yours truly.

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