Duwamish Native Studies

The new year has started off with a cultural bang as we explore the Duwamish people. They are the tribe native to the Seattle area and famously have not been recognized for their stolen land and/or the atrocities perpetuated upon them. It seems important for those of us who live on this land to know about their history & culture.


The Burke Museum has some amazing boxes that they lend to schools to help explore native culture through tools, artifacts, and curriculum.


These kits show so much about the artistry and ingenuity of native peoples in this area. Students really enjoyed exploring them as they drew and wrote in their Duwamish Passports that they created. Getting to touch and explore the items in the box really creates an experience that is fun and educational.


A little known fact is that the Duwamish people have still not been federally recognized as a tribe, which doe snot allow them certain rights regarding land ownership, services, and fishing rights. Students were displeased to learn that the Duwamish people were awarded $1.56 for their land and hardship. This land was 25,000+ acres across Seattle that they held title too, yet was forcefully removed from them.

We listened to this fabulous Pacific Northwest music as we explored. Highly recommended.


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